Aug 20, 2008

100 Things: The End

Hockey News

Mats Sundin spec in Philly. Yada, yada, yada.

And to conclude...

81.) I did my first CROP walk in 1982 when I was 4. That's in the good old days when it was a lot longer. 1982 was the last year my dad was able to run the event.

82.) I also participated in my first Habitat for Humanity project at 4. I was allowed to help paint the walls in the house. I actually did a good job of it and that started my love affair with interior painting.

83.) Too bad I can't paint the walls in my apartment. Even though I know how to paint them any color and put them back to the original, my building would keep the security deposit. Yeesh!

84.) Although I talk a lot about finding a new apartment, I'm not likely to do it. I have a two-bedroom apartment at a ridiculously low rent that includes most of my utilities. I'm 10 miles
from Center City, with multiple public transportation o
ptions, and in a good, residential neighborhood.

85.) My favorite mode of transportation is the train. I commute into Center City on SEPTA's Regional Rail. When I go to my parents', I use Amtrak and the DC Metro.

86.) Since moving to Philadelphia, I make a point of going to the Philadelphia Flower Show each March. It's the world's largest indoor flower show. If you like flowers, landscaping, and creative art created with plants, you should come to Philly and see it!

87.) My friend T always wants me to go with her to karaoke. She does a great job, but I don't really enjoy it. Maybe it's just the location I don't like?

88.) I am fascinated by negotiating communication-related barriers. I like learning about intercultural (cross-cultural or multicultural, if you prefer) issues. I've started studying intergenerational ones.

89.) I recognize that I will be the worst mom ever when I have kids. There are too many times when I'm out and I'm ready to correct bad behavior that parents never address with their kids.

90.) I intend to be a foster parent, with an eye toward adopting at least one child. With no disrespect to people who adopt children from other countries, I just
wish more qualified people were willing to adopt one of the more than 100,000 foster children who are cleared for adoption in the U.S.A.

91.) Michael Phelps is great and all, but my favorite swimmer of all time is Lenny Krayzelberg.

92.) My other favorite Summer Olympians: Carl Lewis, Jackie Joyner Kersee, and Flo Jo.

93.) In terms of Winter Olympians, my favorites are Johann Olaf Koss, Bonnie Blair, and Alexei Yashin.

94.) Favorite hockey-related movies: Slap Shot; Cutting Edge (toe pick!); Mystery, Alaska; and Miracle.

95.) Unlike what sometimes seems like 99% of the people in my country, I do not watch American Idol. I've only ever seen one show, it was in the first season, and I knew Kelly Clarkson wo
uld win by the end of that episode. I haven't cast a vote for anyone on it ever.

96.) On the other, I do vote in political elections...including the primaries.

97.) I feel no remorse over my iced coffee each weekday because it's not like the caffeine can stunt my growth any further and I don't blow my paycheck on very many extravagances.

98.) One day, I'm going to have one of these. Y'know, when I'm all grown-up!

99.) I truly believe that I can be whatever I want to be. I just don't care about work for anything other than enabling me to spend more time doing fun things with my family and friends.

100.) I am in training and raising funds for the the 12K AIDS Walk Philly. (More to come on that in a future post.)


Jess said...

Soph and I love The Cutting Edge too! What a fabulous movie, combining hockey and the Olympics, two things I love. Toe pick!

Nadine said...

Jess: That movie was such a big deal with my friends and I when it came out! We had huge plans to go as a large group, the movie was delayed in arriving to our local theater, and it ended up being just one friend and I, but we had such a blast. To this day, my friend "R" and I occasionally say toe pick to each other in that sign-songy way.

k.m.stiles said...

The Cutting Edge is fantastic!

I've always wondered why parents choose to adopt from foreign countries when there are plenty of kids in the US who need homes...