Aug 20, 2008

Off-topic: 12K

Dear Gentle Readers,

I've taken on the challenge and made a commitment to participate in the 2008 AIDS Walk Philly on October 19.

I am very passionate about this cause for personal reasons. My participation in the walk not only expresses that concern, it also has a positive impact on the lives of more than 30,000 people living with HIV/AIDS in the greater Philadelphia region (and countless others around the country and the world).

I've set a modest goal to raise $500 for this year's walk. (I'd love to raise more!) I hope you will consider making a donation to support my personal effort. If you can't make a monetary contribution, I encourage you to volunteer with an HIV/AIDS-related charitable organization in your area.

You can make a secure online donation through my participant page here.

And in Hockey Blog News...

Flyers.Femme blog turned one yesterday!

Yep, scary as that is, I've been laughing, ranting, and poking harmless fun in this space for 366 days. Whew!

*Cracks knuckles, shakes out the arms, and gets ready for another one*


Sherry said...

Good luck with the AIDS walk! I think it's great you're participating in it :)

And Happy Birthday! Congrats on one-year of great blogging!

Nadine said...

S: Thanks for the encouragement. It means a lot to receive all kinds of support as you prepare for something like this.

This year I'm doing the 12K walk. Next year, maybe I'll do the 10K run.