Aug 13, 2008

100 Things: ¡Otra Ronda!

Hockey News

What's that? I have no idea why you're looking for hockey-related news. Everyone knows that sports news in Philadelphia revolves around birds and a Phanatic at this time of year.

*Fervently praying* Please, God, make it stop! Bring hockey back. I need to learn about the new guys first-hand. I must find out if Hatch is a keeper for another season. I'm trying to find the good side to acquiring Asham; I know I'll understand more when you reveal him to me

Getting to Know All about...Me!

41.) If I could wear what I wanted to work, you'd never see me out of jeans, a Tshirt or sweater, and boots or sneakers (cooler v. warmer temps). But you can't really wear that to work when your job is in the financial district.

42.) When it comes to work clothes, I wear a lot of black. If there were such a style as "wear-to-work goth,"
I might just be its poster-child. (No scary black lipstick, though.)

43.) Although I'm a Flyers fan, I do not wear a lot of orange. I don't own more than about four orange pieces of clothing, and two of them were give-away Tshirts from last season.

44.) I don't like heights and snakes scare the h-e-double hockey sticks out of me!

45.) Remember I said I'm a P.K.? Well, I do know my four letter words, in two languages no less. And, yes, unfortunately, I do use them occasionally. (Just not as much as a cross between yapper
extraordinaire Sean Avery and F-bomb pro Cindy Crosby.)

46.) I passionately dislike grocery shopping and lawn care. I'm not pushing for a husband, but it'd be nice to have one who will do these two chores.

47.) 'Cause I'll exchange those two for cleaning all the bathrooms and kitchens, and snow-shoveling you want!

48.) My favorite flowers are tulips. I love to buy them in various colors.

49.) I buy them because I'm not a green thumb. With my propensity to kill green things, I believe future plant purchase will have to be succulents.

50.) When I took an online IQ test, my result was "facts curator." Basically, I am a storehouse of stupid, random facts. A detail comes my way, gets stuck in the brain, and good luck having it g
o away. (My dad is the same way.)

51.) I am also a natural mimic. I pick up accents easily, whether I want to or not. When I was a camp counselor in college, I entertained a bunch of 8, 9 and 10 year olds with this and a song from The Lion King...dinner was late and I prevented their riot.

Also when I worked as a camp counselor, I was American Red Cross certified for first aid (good for 3 years) and CPR (good for 1). Both are expired now, but in an emergency that facts curator knowledge could kick in and save your life.

When I was a reservation center operator, in the slow season, one of my co-workers brought in the cards from the Battle of the Sexes board game. We'd take turns answering the questions according to the rules (women answer questions most guys know and vice versa). I answered too many questions right, they switched me to answering the opposite ones, same thing happened, and I was banned from answering. Instead, I got to read the cards.

54.) I am a Flyers fan. In every other major team sport, I am a Cleveland fan because that's the area where I grew up. In college sports, it's Ohio State or Ohio.

55.) I've lived through a startling number of natural disasters. Earthquakes. Hurricanes. Blizzards. Lots of tornadoes. Imminent volcanic eruption (and really teeved that I missed it).

56.) I am a Dunkin Donuts fan. Sorry, Starbucks.

57.) I don't have any tattoos, unlike my brothers who each have them. I change my mind too frequently about what I want, and tattoos are too permanent.

58.) I don't handle pain like a normal person. It's not that I don't feel it, I just have a higher threshold and better coping mechanisms. That can be problematic when seeking treatment because medical professionals always ask, "On a scale of 1 to 10, how much does it hurt?" My answer: Your pain scale or mine?

59.) I love both the Winter and Summer Olympics. In fact, I miss having them in the same year.

60.) But since they're separated now, and I love the Olympics so much, I believe the world should take a two-week vacation when they happen. (Well except for the TV crews, who should have another two weeks off at a later date.)

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Justin said...

Ah man, a Flyers fan and a Browns fan? I'm not sure we can be friends anymore. ;)