Aug 10, 2008

100 Things: Segunda Parte

Second Installment

More of more than you ever wanted to know about Flyers.Femme:

21.) My not-so-guilty pleasure on TV: Hockey, of course!

22.) Hockey ticket preference: PDF. Print it out and take it to the game. I use the reverse for game notes to write my singular posts.

23.) My guilty pleasure on TV: Telenovelas. Totally addicted since 1998.

24.) I wear SPF 75 sun block every day. I have fair skin. I do not tan; I burn. Skin cancer is not cute.

25.) Two things you can always find in my fridge: Water and cranberry juice.

26.) I can't eat milk chocolate. The mix is too sweet. Long live dark chocolate!

27.) My favorite food isn't limited to one country. I like Latin American dishes, whether it's enchiladas with mole sauce (Mexico), tostones (Cuba/Domincan Republic/Puerto Rico), or empanadas (Colombia).

28.) Favorite beers: Shiner Bock. (Yes, that means I've been to Texas. San Antonio, if you must know.) Mad Elf Holiday Ale. (A Christmas beer made in Pennsylvania. I'll be serving it at my annual holiday open house from now on.)

29.) I like to cook. I don't like to cook meat.

30.) I love ice cream. My favorite flavor was a limited edition Haagen Dasz flavor: Mayan Chocolate. I wish they'd make it again.

31.) I can’t wait for summers to be over. I like to run to stay in shape, but the heat and humidity trigger my exercise-induced asthma. (Bring on the fall, winter, and spring, baby!)

32.) I can't run on a treadmill. Short though I may be, I never feel that I can kick to my full
stride on one of them. I am forced to jog. Ugh!

33.) I love to skate. One of these days, I’m going to screw up my nerve and give speed-skating a try. Then, when it’s too icy to run in sneakers, I can “run” in skates.

34.) I only learned how to drive an automatic car in driver’s ed. The family car was stick-shift.

35.) I live in Philadelphia and do not have a car.

36.) If you follow astrology - which I don't - I am a Gemini and an Earth Horse. According to my friend who does follow it, that explains a lot about me. *shrug*

37.) I don't like Ice Girls. They don't do anything for me. No rant.

38.) My brother Eli, the former goalie, doesn't really care for them either. Don't mess with his crease after he sets it up the way he wants it, or risk being checked.

39.) I believe owning one of the pink jerseys and wearing it for occasions other than cancer-related events automatically pushes you over the line to "puck bunny." Your team has real colors, wear them.

40.) Of course, that may just be the fact that I don't like pink talking.

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