Aug 8, 2008

100 Things: Part the 1st

Hockey Bits

Okay, so Craig Berube is the new Flyers assistant coach, and John Paddock is the new Phantoms head coach. Wow, actual hockey news.

When does training camp start again?

Not So Hockey-Related

As we close down the off-season, an informal "getting to know your friendly blogger" meme is making the rounds. Quite a few of the HLOGers have taken up the
challenge of letting you know 100 things about ourselves. Here's my first 20 things to know about me.

1.) I am 5' 1.5" tall. Yes, that half inch is very important.

2.) Despite my lack of actual height, I have a habit of standing up straight, I wear heels most days, and - in the words of a co-worker - I carry myself well, so most people are shocked to
hear I'm that short.

3.) I have naturally curly hair. It was a pain learning how to manage it growing up. These days, I just let it be and it - mostly - leaves me alone, too.

4.) In my family, I'm the oldest and the only girl.

5.) I have two younger brothers who are much taller than I. Eli, the former goalie, and Andrew, the mid-fielder and point-guard, are at least 6' 2" tall.

6.) I have never dated a guy under 6' before. I don't know's not like I have a rule abo
ut it. I guess I'm just used to all the tall people in my family.

7.) I used to play violin. I still have one, so I guess I could again, but it would be one of those projects you start with the best of intentions and never quite work your way around to. (Maybe next year?)

8.) In high school, I was on the varsity teams for volleyball, indoor track and outdoor
track starting my sophomore year.

9.) As a result of two facial traumas during volleyball season my senior year, I have a permanently displaced jaw. I don't have TMJ, but try getting health insurance companies to understand the difference! (It'

10.) I am bilingual (English and Spanish).

11.) I am the only person in my family who is bilingual.

12.) I was a double major in college (International Studies and Spanish), spent my whole junior ye
ar abroad in Quito, Ecuador, and - somehow - still managed to graduate magna cum laude with 42 and 39 credits-required majors in four years. No wonder I don't want to hear tell of a master's degree!

13.) My honors thesis was titled "A Comparison of Sephardic and Ashkenazi Concepts of Zionism, 1850 - 1918." I earned a 98% for it. (I think that was the highest score for the history/poli sci crew that year. I may have been the only "girl," too. Of course, it was eight years ago, so my memory is a little fuzzy on the fine deets.) I am not ashamed to admit that it's a really boring read.

14.) Favorite course in college: Latin American Dances, while I was in Ecuador. Imagine spending a semester learning mambo, merengue, cha-cha, their histories and music, and getting a grade for it!

15.) I suck at numbers, but I rock at foreign languages. Freshman year, I had my two majors a
nd studied Russian. I aced Russian and Spanish at the same time. I wish I could get paid to learn languages!

16.) I am a preacher's kid. Contrary to popular myth, that neither makes me a goody two-shoes nor a devil-spawn hellion. I am just a normal person who makes mistakes, acknowledges them, and tries to treat people fairly.

17.) I am a biblical non-resister. In plain English, I'm a pacifist for religious reasons. (Make no mistake: I'm still a hockey fan. It just means I won't hit you and I don't resolve conflicts through violence.)

18.) Yes, my Christian faith is important to me. No, I'm not pushy about it. It's just a part of who I am, like my naturally curly hair.

19.) I have been to Cuba...legally.

20.) I don't eat breakfast every day, or even most days. Unless an iced coffee every weekday counts, which I'm sure it doesn't.


Justin said...

16.) I am a preacher's kid. Contrary to popular myth, that neither makes me a goody two-shoes nor a devil-spawn hellion. I am just a normal person who makes mistakes, acknowledges them, and tries to treat people fairly.

Yeah, a number of people I know had problems with those stereotypes. Did you feel a lot of pressure to be the mistake-free kid growing up, lest you reflected poorly on your parents? It seems like that's pretty universal.

Unrelated, but related to one of your other points, have you thought about getting a Russian jersey for one of your players? don't have any. Okay, maybe one of them played over there during the lockout year?

Finny said...

everytime i read more of these, i feel like, "OMG, I never knew how much alike I was to other bloggers out there!" it's kind of crazy.

=D I'm Christian, not pushy, but totally diggin' it, who played a musical instrument, and is short... but I don't dig the heels. Forget that. LOL. And yes, the .5" is very important.

I should know.

I'm 5'0.5".

(how sad.)

Nadine said...

J: Honestly, yes there was and is a lot of pressure. On the other hand, my parents made sure we knew we could totally mess up! :) You learn from what you live, and it's the best way to learn.

F: It is completely weird, isn't it? I feel the same when I'm reading yours, Sherry's, Heather B.'s, etc. I haven't seen any guys doing this. I wonder if the same would hold true across gender lines?