Aug 5, 2008

Troll Alert Level: Red

Dear Gentle Readers,

I love every one of you. Thanks for tuning in here for a hockey blog dedicated to mild analysis and stats, reactions to our favorite sport, and posts filled with snark.

All that being said, a snake has entered the garden and it's come to this: I'm turning on comments moderation due to one hater troll. Absolutely no anonymous comments will be approved.

For more information on the truly annoying (and infantile) affliction being delivered upon the HLOGers, read more on HLOG's August 1 post from the desk of our GM, the ever-fearless Sherry.

All my male readers out there: I don't hold childish examples like this against you guys. Y'know, unless I find out you did it. Then, I'll advertise it like crazy here in really LARGE, really bold, really red letters.

Yoo-hoo, Blogger: Where's my blocked list?


Finny said...

yeah, nadine, I've done the same damn thing in my yard. GwaP: Now with Moderated Comments... thanks to one douchebag. ugh.

bloggers... unite.

Sherry said...

If said troll's mission is to burn bridges, than congratulations! Mission accomplished!

Hopefully the troll troubles will subside soon. Keep on rocking, Nadine!