Nov 17, 2008

Sundry Items

This One Will Be All Over the Place

1. Didn't get enough of voting with the year's elections (Canada or the U.S.A.)? There's still time to help me choose which two December games I'm going to attend.

Plus, there's always voting for the All-Star Game. This year, I'm advocating for Braydon Coburn write-ins.

2. My hockey open house is December 12. Invitees, the rules are as follows:

  • I provide the food, entertainment, and locale.
  • You bring contributions for the beverage table.

Don't live in Philly? There's always next year. (No, the invitation is not limited to Flyers fans. It's really just an excuse for me to throw a party at that time of the year.)

3. Simon Gagne and Jeff Carter: You are THIS close to making the cut for the 2008-09 Hockey Harem.



Justin said...

The 12th? There's a Pens game the next day! :p

Nadine said...

@Justin: And a Whalercanes game the night before. I'm waffling on the BOP game on the 13th, only because the train doesn't run as late and the taxi ride costs as much as the ticket.

Justin said...

Oh...well, they don't count anyway. :)