Nov 15, 2008

What Next?

Earlier this week

Okay, we lost against the Pens. I'm taking refuge in the fact that we picked up a point from that game.

We'll see what happens with tonight's game against the Habs. Frankly, I just can't scare up a lot of enthusiasm for it.

Tonight's Match-Up

End of First Period

Thanks, Comcast, for showing tonight's game on a non-proprietary channel. So nice to actually see a game on TV in the land where your company is based without exchanging my first-born child for a cable contract.

Well, we lead in penalties, but the score is tied at nil.

And how effed up is it that Kukkie's on waivers and playing center for the second game in row since it happened? In related news, Kristin's taking bets on how soon we see a leadership change behind the bench.

End of Second Period

  • Mike K. footage with work on eye: 100% visible F-bomb drop on the replay, and in slow motion, too.
  • Kimmo defends Marty, and looks a little mouthy doing it.
  • Scottie pushes one in. Thanks, Richie and Alberts.
  • Marty makes a play that looks a little like FPoW semis last season. (Sorry, FHF.)
  • Seriously, another few? Impressive!
  • Blondie! Thanks, Gags and Coby! (Sorry, FHF.)

End of Third Period

Hey, we won in Montreal! Other than the 2007-08 FPoW semis, when was the last time that happened?

Biron was on his game, the D did its job, and the forwards even put their bodies on the line to hold onto the lead. Good job, guys! Now, go hop on the plane, sleep if you can, and gear back up for tomorrow night against the Thrash.

Hockey Harem 2008-09

I've decided to rebuild the harem each season. Right now, there's a population of two and it's completely skewed to defensemen:

  • Braydon Coburn
  • Kimmo Timonen

¡Buenas noches!


Justin said...

Unlike everyone else, I voted TBL and NYI, because they're the two teams on that list that the Flyers (or any other team) are most likely to beat on any given night.

If I'm paying for a ticket, I want to see a win.

Nadine said...

@Justin: I see your point. I also know why NJD has the votes it does.

A.) They're Brodeur-less.
B.) We beat them the last two times.

Although, looking back on last season, it was the same thing. We beat los Diablitos the first two times, then started our normal "we can't beat these guys" thing.

Voting doesn't close for a few days, so we'll see what others make of things.