Nov 11, 2008


It's a two-for!

Part I: Guys, thanks for winning today. Props to Tiny!Briere, Richie (dear captain) and Timonen (my new favorite Finn).

Part II: Dudes at and, wow! A little positive peer pressure will keep me working on the blog as my schedule starts to revert back to its normal, crazy pace. (Y'know, as opposed to the abnormal one of late.)

And in other news...

1. If you haven't heard Braydon Coburn's Nov. 4 interview with La Greca and Hradek yet, run over the Flyers website, scroll down to the NHL news links area, and do it. Yes, I'm completely biased about Coby. No, I don't see any problem with that.

Only regret: I wish I could land an interview with him for my podcast when I resurrect it. *Sigh*

2. Watch for an upcoming poll to vote on which game I shall attend next. Unfortunately, it won't be until early December. (Mom has to work Turkey Day, so the family will not be meeting up in my 725 square-foot, two-bedroom apartment. Drat!)

3. There are new HLOGers! The Couch Tarts repping the S.J. Sharks and Kat covering the St. Louis Blues.

¡Hasta la vista!

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