Dec 13, 2008

Flightless Blackbirds Return

Battle of PA: First Showing in Philly

The 2008-09 Battle of Pennsylvania has been a bit one-sided this season. The Pens won the first two bouts in overtime and a shoot-out, respectively. While no loss is nice, and these kind doubly-suck, at least we gained a point in each one. (Please do not interpret that as my acceptance nor endorsement of doing away with the tie. It isn't.)

This afternoon, the Flyers continued the trend of beating the Pens in the Wachovia Center, to the tune of 6-3. I guess the guys didn't feel like they sufficiently proved themselves in the comeback on Thursday.

Today's win puts the Flyers at 6-1-3 against Atlantic Division foes. It also had them two points behind the Rangers prior to their match-up with the Whalercanes tonight (which the Evil Blue Shirts won in a five-round shoot-out).

Up next, the Sakic-less Avs. (And you really must go read Margee's post about him on SportSquee...see the HLOG links to go there.)

Keep the wins coming,

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K-Mart said...

Ahhh Penguins have caught the injury bug, and it is nice to paste them like that. Flyers look like the second or third best team in the NHL right now.