Dec 13, 2008


WTH to WTF, all in one game.

Imagine what kind of points damage the Flyers could do if the guys played 60 minutes of hockey in every remaining game of the regular season like they did the last 20 minutes, overtime, and the shoot-out on Thursday. *Shudder, sigh*

I truly cannot comprehend it.

Congratulations to Scott Hartnell on his hat trick. Oh, and we won on a shoot-out? Sweet! (Though kinda unnecessary...)


P.S.: I wish I could have been a fly on the wall in the locker room during the second intermission.


Justin said...

Dropping Hartnell from my fantasy team finally came back to bite me. *sigh*

Nadine said...

@Justin: C'mon, you remember his slow start last season. :)

Justin said...

Actually, I didn't. I was just looking for him to be a Daniel Carcillo or Dustin Byfuglien type player for me: lots of PIMs and enough points to make him worth keeping around. I was looking to tweak my roster a couple weeks into the season and he looked like a prime target to move because he wasn't doing any of the things I'd drafted him to do. Oh well...he's probably still available if I choose to go that route again.