Dec 10, 2008

WttH: Two Inductions

Slick Addition

Simon Gagne
, you rock!

Sure, last year was not your friend what with the multiple installments of the most feared diagnosis known to the Flyers organization: concussion. Most recently, we've seen you battling the flu and the dehydration that goes with it.

With last night's game winner, you've scored your 2008-09 Flyers.Femme Hockey Harem entrance.

Goalie Addition

Now for some harem controversy. Goalies seem to be take 'em or leave 'em for Philadelphia. Everyone has an opinion on the Biron & Niittymäki Show, myself included.

However, for his play during the Whalercanes game on Saturday, Antero Niittymäki also earned his harem induction for the season.

Waiting in the Wings

Ossi Vaananen, you won me over Saturday night. You have added yourself to my ranks of favored Finnish players from Vantaa and Finnish Flyers.

I admit I was straddling the fence about you. It's not that I doubted your ability to contribute to the club, so much as I couldn't be sure there was truly room in this fangirl's heart for another player from dear Sami's hometown. And while you will never, ever eclipse Sami Kapanen in my hockey universe, you are THIS close to causing me to add a third d-man to the harem.

So, put that body in front of a few more shots. Stifle a few more attempts by jazzy forwards from opposing teams. Hell, get booed for doing an ice-side, Coatsie interview that you - fairly tactfully - end in order to save Coatsie from imminent death for delaying Mites on Ice.

Dear Guys

Best of luck for tomorrow's Dollar Dog night game versus the Caniac Nation. Hope that old schooler Whalers sweater guy is at the game.

Now, I must finish anchoring the light strands for my hockey open house on Friday night.

Plotting a hockey outing with the guys from work,


K-Mart said...

I heard a rumor that the Flyers waived, or are waiving Lasse Kukkonen... any truth to that?

Nadine said...

@K-Mart: He was waived a few weeks ago, right about the time he filled in at forward. With all those D-men, and the ones lined up for imminent return, they're going to have to sort it out.

Much as fans have their faves, we can't keep everyone on the big team's roster.

K-Mart said...

Yea, I like Kukkonen, but he's still listed as being on the roster, and is consistently listed as a healthy scratch, but I heard Chris Therien say he was waived, which is why I asked. Thanks for clearing that up.