Jan 9, 2009

Hockey-tastic Vacation

Hockey Harem in NHL ASG

Congratulations, Blondie! You made it to the ASG. Go, have fun, geek out on hockey. I want to add another command to that list but I'm afraid to jinx ya.

Not Just Jeff Will Visit

Plot hatched. Passport is in order. Airfare search commences soon. Lodging suggestions welcomed.

Co-worker Kristin - who likes hockey, but is not Hockey Kristin - and I are going to blow some vacay in Montreal this summer. We may even try to take in the NHL Hockey Draft. (We may even recruit more friends to go along.)

So, if any of you FHF guys have insider information to share, comment, email, IM, whatevs...send it my way.

Eagles, Schmeagles,

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