Feb 9, 2009


Dear Gentle Readers,

I know that new reads here have been very scarce recently. I would apologize but I find myself in a bit of a personal battle, one that started as soon as I returned home from vacation at the start of January.

Alas, here we are almost a month and a half later and I've got no resolution, a ton of stress, and the general yuckiness of the economy. (I sought some relief during the oh-so-pleasant-weather weekend by indulging in some retail therapy.)

In short, welcome to the post-holiday blues...I guess.

The positive side of things - as I see it today - is this:
  • Screw it, hockey season is hitting its most interesting point. Time to quit bitching and watch some guys get hit, a few others score in impressive and not-so-impressive situations, and the special ones go crazy stopping the puck.
  • Buck up and get creative. It's almost freakin' Valentine's Day and I haven't started my list for the Flyers...or the HLOG ladies.
  • Start prepping for the upcoming Battle of Pennsylvania game. I finally get to use one of my Flyers-related Christmas presents and hang out with co-worker Justin. (As long as he doesn't say nice things about Cindy Crosby, I don't care what nasty crap he drops about the Flyers.)

It will still take about a week before I can start posting with any frequency...I do have a few more follow-up calls to make to keep things moving the way the need to do. But, this is me stating my intention to come back stronger, if not snarkier.

Feeling just a little refreshed just by writing that,

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