Feb 21, 2009


Dear Gentle Readers,

Personal crisis: Not over. Is that a problem? Sure, in the grand scheme of things, it is. In terms of today, nope.

First Things First

BIG thanks to D.L. for the gift of today's Battle of Pennsylvania tickets to me and co-worker Justin. Additional thanks to Justin's wife, E., who is cool enough to let him attend today's game as well as the mid-March Rangers game to which D.L. gave us tickets. Both of you are awesome!

Justin: You did a good job today. I wish we had been able to see a Richie v. Cindy throw-down like the one I saw last season. That would have made the game even better, although the fight in the audience was interesting.

What I Learned Today

Dear Hockey,

It's true, my life has been stress-filled lately. I have totally taken our relationship for granted. I haven't been contributing. I'm sorry.

I know that I cannot go two-plus months without seeing a live game again. If for nothing other than my own mental sanity, I have to be surrounded by an electrifying audience, watching the guys pound each other, and seeing goals scored in real time.

It felt so good to be at the game today, in spite of the loss. (More on that later.) My February is so much better now.

Battle of Pennsylvania Face-Off

This isn't going to be anywhere near as detailed as other post-game posts because I didn't have my paper for taking notes. Oh, and I committed to just watching the game. So, here goes...

Marty, Marty, Marty. You are banned from harem considerations if that happens again. What was that? Why did it seem like a good idea?

'Cause from 116, 17, 8, it looked like an eight year old goalie really wanted to touch the puck outside the crease and trapezoid and then butterfingered it right to an opposing player so that the NHL Spokesbot could bury it in the net you abandoned when the game was tied - again - in the late stages of the third period.

Lups, Richie, Cobie, Knubs: Thank you for those goals. I loved each one. Way to work the score board and keep us in the game.

Annoying Yinzers who tried to steal Shawn's spotlight: I'd love to rip you really good but I think you heard enough at the game. And probably after it, too.

Kerry Fraser: Creative as always, though not nearly as interesting as in his helmet-less days. Does he still buy Aqua Net in bulk?

Fighting dudes in the stands who upstaged the game that was in progress: Whoa! A couple of somebodies need to take a few chill pills. Jeez! It's just a game. Okay, a hockey game, but a game nonetheless.

Promising to be a good fangirl from now on,

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K-Mart said...

Marty's boneheadeness just killed me that game... sure the puck was in no-man's land, but by the time he got there, there were two defensemen there as well. No reason to take the chance.