Feb 25, 2009

Not So Sure

The guys beat the Caps last night. Yeah!

The Caps debuted ScarletCaps.com. I'm not sure whether I like it or not. Here's my first impressions. (And they're just my impressions...Caps marketing geniuses can and will do whatever they want, and the fans will respond positively or negatively as they please, too.)

Ix-Nay Factors
  • Scripty, serifed fonts: Screams "girlie!" to me. Up-chuck reflex tested. Result: Functional.
  • Site is red and black, not blue, making it look like a site for female Sens fans.
  • ANTM/Glamor Shots photos: Way to crank the Puck Bunny Factor to unimaginable levels.
  • "Read Blogs" links to posts by only one blogger. I can't wait for links to or featured items by the other fantastic female Caps bloggers out there.
  • Since when is a zamboni no longer referred to as such? See "ice resurfacer" in the hockey lingo section. (Honestly, I find zamboni to be the sexier term.)
  • Explanations of the player positions, frequently used terms, and videos to illustrate concepts like wrist shot, etc.
  • Profiles for each player: Loooove that they detail the charities the players support and/or have founded. Like that you learn a little more about the guys. Unless it's Ovie's, then you have a link to read the full bio. In short, more than the standard height-weight-shoots-birthplace-draft-etc. statbits.
  • Points for trying to cater to female fans with something other than those hidge pink/white, silver/white, or pink or blue/gray jerseys, and additional pink wave "female" fan gear.
  • Points for reaching out to make new hockey fans from the female set by - gasp! - dedicating something as major as a website to them.

I really can't wait for the day where sites like this are geared to all new fans, regardless of gender.

Note to the Flyers marketing geniuses (all sarcasm intended): You can consider this. I don't recommend running with it in this vein. Set up a site for new fans? Fine by me. Use player pix in game gear and in more casual settings, but don't pimp the boys out Tiger Beat-style. *Shudder*

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Justin said...

The name Zamboni is trademarked. People use it as a common noun, like the way we do with "kleenex," but an official site is going to be concerned with legal issues.