Feb 27, 2009


Dear Gentle Readers,

It's time to practice my superstition of avoiding anything related to the Flyers on game night if I'm not there in person.

I'm sure everyone at the Wachovia Center will have a great time and I'm bummed not to be there with the fun and funny Habs fans that trek in for the games. But I just don't do well listening to the games, so I'm skipping the stress.

Although, if you're online and have Skype, head on over and find me.

Waivers and Trades

Good-bye, Metro. Oh, hello again. Hope you have fun in the visitor's dressing room tonight.

Adios, Ossi. Good luck with the Orcas! I'll miss having a Vantaa boy on the roster and in the harem. *sigh*

Further Reflections

After continuing to assess ScarletCaps.com, I have to say that HLOG sister and Caps rep CapsChick has summed up my feelings in the best fashion.

So, Flyers website peeps, review her critique in detail and pay extra special attention to it if you plan to do something similar. Take the time to scope out the opinions of long-term female hockey fans to ensure that you hit the mark. Join the "good NHL merchandisers" category. (After all, we already like the team. We'll go easy on you.)

Oh, and don't make the thing look like a bordello, brothel, or an emo boudoir.

Decompressing on a Friday night,

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