Mar 10, 2009

Got Nothing

Miracle do still happen, Gentle Readers!

No, I'm not talking about Lake Placid. I'm dealing with something that induces much more fear than a 1980 USSR hockey team.

Citi has managed to - finally! - receive one of my five attempts to provide them with the information related to my identity theft and fraud case. Because my bank - good old Wachovia - is so proactive about resolving these crimes, my life should be almost back to normal by the end of the week.

Always assuming it doesn't take five tries for Citi to receive and process that paper work.

You know what that means? Nothing to distract me from being a faithful Flyers fan, listening to and watching games with no real-life drama and trauma. (Discounting the sucky economy.)

It means I can buy a beer and a pretzel at this Saturday's game and not worry about it.

Thank God for Tuesdays!


Justin said...

Awesome! Good to see you on the comeback trail.

Nadine said...

I know, it sucks to be so totally occupied and treated like I'm the offender for their screw-up!

Why couldn't this have happened during the off-season?

Justin said...

Spoken just like a true hockey fan. :)