Mar 14, 2009

3/14 Flyers v. Ran-juhs!

Evil Blue Shirts Visit Philly Wearing White

Side rant: Gotta say that I don't understand that one. Sure, my team wears orange at home right now. But what's with the lack of blue Ranger jerseys?

Was one of the refs assigned to the match-up blue-orange color blind?

Pre-Game Activity: Fan Gear Pilgrimage

Not knowing if I'll be able to attend another game in person, it was time to use the $75 worth of gift cards received for Christmas from C.B. The Fan Gear store at the Wachovia Center is always an experience.

Do I shop in the youth section or the women's section? That answer is usually driven by two factors:

  • How many pink and Swarovski-bedazzled items are visible in the women's section?
  • How much black stuff is available in the youth section?

Today, I actually shopped in the women's section. Yes, there were a few pink items. Thankfully, it wasn't a whole wall's worth!

In the end, I settled on a black zip-up hoodie for free - using said gift cards - and a distressed cap for $25. Yeah, that's a lot for a frayed hat. But it was cute and my hair fits under it!

Main Event: A Win!

Co-worker Justin and I met up following my shopping spree. We found our seats, settled in early, and watched the warm-ups. (Once again, thanks D.L. for the tickets, and Erica for letting J-man out of the house.)

Gentle Readers, this has been a sucky season for me attending games. The guys usually lose, sometimes deservedly so and other times due to what I'll call "it made sense in a parallel universe" factors. (Yeah, you, Martin Biron.)

Marty scared me with that first Ranger goal and I wasn't sure what to expect for a short time after it. Thankfully, it didn't last. He played well throughout the game, made some spectacular and entertaining saves, kept the rebounds to a manageable level, and made a few people confident enough to try and jinx him in the last five minutes of the third.

Jeff Carter had several attempts but never planted a puck in the net for a goal, something that made Justin happy and disappointed me. However, on one of those misses, Scott Hartnell followed the rebound and did score our first goal of the game.

Captain Richie hustled around, made a goal, and spent some time in the sin bin. Arron Asham, on the other hand, had two goals in the game and looked very happy with both of them.

Halfway through the second I shared with Justin that something felt off. Shortly afterwards, the lastest round of Cote v. Orr started and I knew what it was.

Shocking (Gasp!)

I must say I was a bit amused by the crowd's reaction to Avery. He is a polarizing figure and I knew he'd be harassed. I thought the teeny-bopper girls cheering him on next to Justin was an interesting contrast to the dad-son-uncle crew behind us have an after-school special style conversation on selfishness and the concept of being a team.

Final Word

Yesterday's game was amusing, entertaining, and fun. But, I must admit that while the Flyers may be ranked as the most intimidating fans and able to affect the outcome of a game in player surveys, we do not do this as well as another Atlantic Division team's fans in the Nassau Coliseum:

[Insert Chicken Dance song and at the pause yell]: "Rangers suck!"

Bring on today's half of the home-and-home. Best of luck to the guys.

Still enjoying an in-person win,

P.S.: Co-worker Justin, here's the Hextall tribute video.

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