Oct 2, 2009

2009-10 Season: Game On!

Dear Chicago,

I've lived there. You would have been great hosts. But I was pulling for Rio all along.

Felicitações, Brasil!

The Main Event

Back to hockey, because no other sport matters to me. The Flyers take the ice for their first regular season scrum.

I can't wait to see the impact of Chris Pronger - figuratively and literally. To learn what Ray Emery will do for us. To hear whether Coach Stevens has learned another phrase more appropriate for professional sports than "a lack of urgency" to explain slacker losses.

In the meantime, I am observing my superstitions:

The socks are on:

The jersey is on:

And though I have no picture for them, so are the lucky earrings.

Dudes, I've done my part. What about you?


Justin said...

Congrats on the first win of the season!

K-Mart said...

My friends and I had our annual rosh-a-hockey celebration. 8 Flyers fan and 1 Penguins fan (who was a good sport and wore a Flyers t-shirt tonight... he really loves his wife) gathered at a friends house for beer, food and camaraderie. I got to break in my Giroux jersey :). That was my part.

Nadine said...

@Justin: Thanks! Ditto for your guys.

@Kmart: Sounds like a good time.