Oct 3, 2009

NHL schedule: Mad crazy!

Dear Gentle Readers,

The hockey gods must love us for our dedication.

All 30 teams playing on the same day? In a simile relevant to my religious tradition, it's like Christmas!

Just think of all the hockey you could watch today. I haven't been this excited since, well...you know, I don't think I'll finish that thought after all.

On top of last night's regular season opener shut-out win against the Whalercanes, in which Blondie and Captain scored, I'm a happy Flyers fan. No clue how I'll feel after tonight's match-up with the Diablitos, but I'm taking it one game at a time.

News Flash for the Guys at Work
(Particularly GK)

Today's appointment went well. Provided there's no precip tomorrow or on the way to the office on Monday, my alter ego will make an appearance at work.


Justin said...

Emery had a great game yesterday.

K-Mart said...

This is the second time in two years that the NHL has had every team play. I think it's a new trend for the first Saturday of the season. I really like it.

Nadine said...

@Justin: So far, he's paying off. But my jaded Flyer fan heart needs to see more proof before I'll relent.

@K-Mart: I think it's a brilliant move on the part of the NHL. But I'd rather give the credit to the hockey gods. Don't know why, but that's the way I think.

K-Mart said...

That's understandable. It'd be giving Bettman credit for something intelligent. I'm pretty sure that a rip in the time/space continuum would occur if that ever happened...

Nadine said...

That or it's a sure sign of the end times, while we're being sucked into a black hole, just after some huge asteroid impacts Earth.