Oct 7, 2009

Recap: Battle of PA Eve

Flyers Faithful (and visitors),

Are we having fun yet? How about these first three games? Let's recap:

Game 1: Flyers @ 'Canes

Emery shuts out the Whalercanes, Pronger has a completely expected and slightly snarky intermission interview, and Blondie and Captain continue their evil scoring ways. Three word summary - it didn't suck.

Though why Alberts suddenly knows how to pound somebody is beyond me. I wonder if that was part of the post-hit convo?

Game 2: Flyers @ Devils

Wow, the Flyers won in the Rock. While I'm going to say it's because the guys are clicking along just fine, I also wonder:
  • Is it because the Diablitos are re-learning a new-old coach's system?
  • What about those off-season trades?
  • Have they practiced a 5-on-3 where they are the 5?
Blondie and Captain score a goal a piece. All is right in Flyerland that night.

Game 3: Flyers vs. Caps

Kids, it's like this: last night, my fangirl heart was somewhat divided. Obviously, the Flyers are my team. Why else would I spend any time with the color orange?

But I don't hate the Caps. Even if they don't have Godzilla anymore, they do have Knuble. I miss my favorite Latvian-American born in Canada. The way he knew how to wait at the net and make a steady number of good things happen with the puck at the expense of the opposing team's goalie.

It's total shite, in my opinion, to not have him with us. But, anyway...

Last night was both good and bad:
  • Good, because we can beat the Caps even when Ovie and Semin are playing.
  • Good, because their fans probably dislike the Pens as much as we do, and that kind of togetherness deserves to be supported.
  • Good, because Captain has the first hat-trick of the season in the third game of the season, plus he won something like 14 of 20 face-offs.
  • Bad, because I had that sinking feeling of having seen the whole vacation-during-the-game thing again.
  • Bad, because Blondie didn't score and only had one assist.
Oh, and Danny Briere - Danny Breeze, Danielle, Tiny!Briere - won OT for us.

Now, all of that is nice. Truly. It's a nice warm-up for tomorrow night's first installment of the 2009-10 Battle of Pennsylvania series.

You know, when the blood really begins to spill here on the East Coast.

[Insert a Vincent Price laugh]

I can't wait...


Justin said...

Well, the Pens certainly didn't strain themselves tonight, so their energy reserves should be high...

K-Mart said...

We can't buy a break against the baby pens.

On the plus side, I might have to start calling Briere Danny again rather than Danielle.

It's time to give Boucher a look though. Emery just gave up 10 goals against two teams we're gonna have to beat if we want to win a cup.