Oct 12, 2009

Slow Week, High Hopes

Dear Gentle Readers,

One of the main reasons this blog was so quiet over the summer was an extra special project at work: how to plan and pull off a company health fair in two months with no budget.

It can be done, and it can be done well, in that short a time. But here's what I learned from it:
  • Inevitably, when this sort of special project comes along, something else that you're working on is going to get bumped up to compete with it and complicate your life.
  • You're going to be so tired at the end of the day that you just want to go home, drop into bed, and go to sleep. Unfortunately, your body will not have received the "Tired!" message from your brain.
  • Every logistical nightmare that could possibly occur in the final few days, will.
But here's something else we all have to learn, as cliched as it may be: don't sweat the small stuff.

Sure, it still sounds as annoying to me as "Whatever" does coming out of my Gen Xer mouth to my Boomer and Traditionalist bosses, but I can appreciate the sentiment. Sweating the small stuff just takes that much more out of you and it doesn't allow you enjoy the good moments to their fullest. Whatever, indeed.

Which leads me in a very roundabout way to the Flyers. The first loss of the season has to happen some time. Yes, it sucks that it happened against the Pens. But beyond it being a Battle of Pennsylvania game, it's not worth sweating that loss.

We're only a two weeks into the season; it's not like it's February.

The guys are finally getting their annual team-building trip underway. Here's hoping they have fun fishing and sailing in Florida.

Meanwhile, all you Phillies fans get to watch the NLDS unchallenged for a few days. Here's hoping your high hopes are realized. And, K-Mart, it's better that I stay a fan of my team, trust me.


K-Mart said...

Lol I just assumed that you were a Phils fan because of the Flyers blog. I'm perfectly fine letting you root for another team when it comes to baseball(unless its the Mets) :P

Nadine said...

@K: Dude, just say no to NY teams. (No offense meant for their fans...)

I think Cleveland fans are as passionately against them as Philly fans are. Though, obviously, our dislike for the Yanks is much stronger than for the Mets.

K-Mart said...

I think everyone hates the Yankees lol. We didn't really even hate the Mets until the past few years when we got no respect and the Mets were always picked to win the division and go to the W.S. Even after us winning the division twice and the W.S. last year, the Mets were still picked more often than we were to win the division. That's why we hate the Mets.

Nadine said...

All I know is I finally got to go to a W.S. parade last year. Though, had it happened to the Indians when I lived locally, we all would have asked where the real guys were...because obviously body-snatcher would have taken their places.

Really, that's true for any of the Cleveland teams.