May 24, 2010

Halfway There

Dear Gentle Readers,

Chicago is my second city. The Blackhawks are my former Campbell Conference team. Their win over the Sharks means that I have half of my dream Stanley Cup Finals.

Game 5 of the former Prince of Wales Conference is happening at the Wachovia Center. We'll have to wait and see how crazy the city will be tonight. And while I'm not asking for anything at this point, the outcome could make a kick-butt birthday present!

Post-Game Addition:

Thank you, Flyers, for the coolest early birthday present ever!

Yeah, I know; none of them are going to read that. So what.

The Flyers are Former Prince of Wales Conference Champions and headed to the Stanley Cup Finals! (Where, for the unenlightened, they will play for the best damn sports trophy ever.)

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