Jun 2, 2008


Image: (c) K. Shaw

Retirement: Sami Kapanen

That should explain it all, Gentle Readers.

My beloved Sami is hanging up his NHL skates after 13 seasons.

Honestly, Sami's been one of my favorites since his Whalercane days. The trade to the Flyers seemed like divine intervention and I'm glad I had the opportunity to see him play in black and orange on multiple occasions.

If you're not sure why I love him, here's my Ode to Kapanen post.

Dear Sami,

Onnea to you and your family as you return to Finland. Best wishes for your continuing hockey career as majority owner of KalPa Kuopio. Personally, I hope we have the chance to see you in future years helping Team Finland. (I know you could help them win the gold!)

I'll miss you!


kristin said...

Oh no!

Soph said...

I was really sad to see the Sami was retiring. I feel your pain :(

Nadine said...

@Kristin: Thank you for your sympathy.

@Soph: Thank you for your commiseration.