Oct 13, 2008

Dude, That Sucked!

Opening night post from one year ago: Check it out.

Opening night for 2008-09: There was a game on October 11, 2008? Really?

I saw at least one move straight out of the Mighty Ducks films there. You know, when they stunk at the beginning and Coach Bombay was still phoning it in on his probation?

Here's what I feel comfortable writing about the home opener:

  • Team promotion crew tried to page homage to the Spectrum
  • Forgot to pay due homage to Kate Smith on an important anniversary (see comments on previous post)
  • S.P. came to the building.

And she sucked out all of the team's mojo, just like - sorry! - Hextall did last year with his Flyers Hall of Fame induction.

In-house entertainment guys, a small note: When games suck and you play House of Pain's "Jump Around," please focus on Shawn. Don't make us wait for the end of the game. Just give us the goods then. 'Kay?

Niitty: I say this as a fan...dude, I love you! Please play like that all season long. It made me smile and kept me happy.

Kukkie: You have my number! I wore #3 all three years I was on the varsity teams in high school, all three seasons of the year.

As for the rest of the game:

  • Thank you, Scott H., for netting a goal so early in the season!
  • Thank you, Simon, for coming back strong!
  • Thank you, dear Captain, for getting the goal scoring contest between 18 and 48 off on the right foot!

That is all for now. I must go hang with the boys at Four Habs Fans for tonight's game.

P.S.: My condolences to the Cherepanov family and all you Rangers fans out there.

P.S.S.: Blogging will be a bit off this week due to work deadlines. Check out Kristin, K-Mart, or Ryan and Froin.

Oh, and how's that for 200 posts?


Justin said...

Yes, thank you, Scott H., for netting a goal so early in the season, because it helps me with one of my fantasy leagues. :)

K-Mart said...

Sooo I may soon be able to watch Flyers games again in State College... that would be sweet.

K-Mart said...
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