Oct 10, 2008

Mr. Snider

Politics does not belong in hockey. Couch it as publicity to raise the sport's profile all you want, I go to games to get away from this crap.

I'm sure that you know this already but perhaps it bears repeating: NHL and Flyers hockey is neither red nor blue.

No, the colors are orange and black. Flyer colors. NHL colors.

And Bettman, grow a pair. Or better yet, step down so we can get a real commissioner to take care of stuff like this that doesn't belong in hockey.


K-Mart said...

Your post makes a lot more sense than mine lol... I got kinda rant-ish with mine.

Nadine said...

K: That's okay. We all have our own perspective and unique way of wording things.

And I've been plenty rant-ish on my blog in the past.