Oct 1, 2008

Oh, For the Love of...

Dear NHL merchandisers,

Are you people hockey fans? Do you watch the sport? Do any women who aren't in kindergarten work for you?

I intensely, passionately dislike your female fan gear designs. To put it bluntly, they suck!

If I were girlie, I might - MIGHT - consider purchasing a tastefully, yet pricey bedazzled or metallic gel-beaded T-shirt or thermal because at least they're in the team's freakin' colors.

But I'm not - girlie or going to buy the sparkly T.

And before you break out the fat Philly female fan remarks, let me just say...nuh-uh. Not even remotely close. Just ask around.

We, the female fans and most all of the rabid HLOGers, demand our fan gear in the team's actual colors, without Swarovski bedazzling, and in styles a lady would wear to this supposedly family friendly sport's games.

Until then, I will be languishing in the boys' department, which is more economy-friendly anyway.

Kind regards,


Justin said...

Here's a guy who agrees with you. Those things are abominations.

The link to the Milano parody is hilarious, btw.

Nadine said...

Justin: Unfortunately, until and unless something changes, I see a distinct trend for this becoming a yearly rant. There's just that much more crap each season!

In my most negative moments, I'm convinced it's a conspiracy by dirty old men and misogynistic younger ones (witness the lack of logo clarity on those pink and Silver Ice jerseys), combined with the work of a few Tinkerbell females like the I-love-pink MLB merchandise queen.

My sole comfort on this is that female football, baseball, basketball and even soccer/futbol fans have to endure the same...though maybe not with this kind of variety.

Brindy said...

amen! i too shop in the little boys section b/c the pink sparkly crap makes me puke. 41 % of hockey fans are women, the most of any major sport- you would think that the NHL would be trying to tap that market, not insult it.

Nadine said...

Right, so potentially brilliant idea here:

What if all the female bloggers out there wrote a post about the vile, heinous women's fan gear and emailed them to the NHL? Also, what if sympathetic male bloggers did the same? ('Cause I've heard so many guys echo my sentiment that there is no pink in hockey unless it's a cancer awareness event.)

I think a couple hundred complaints like that would be a little hard to ignore, no?

Justin said...

If I had a hockey blog, I'd do it. :)

K-Mart said...

@Nadine- I am all about removing pink and anything girly from hockey (Oh how I cheered when the Ducks removed the 'mighty' from their names and shed the purple jerseys and Disney connections). I'm a full believer in allowing full on body checks in women's hockey. I was outraged when the girls team my sister joined named their team "Heaven's Angels". Hockey is no prissy sport, the girls that play it are as tough as any guy that plays it and they shouldn't be forced into the stereotypical female role. It really pisses me off when those in charge feel like they need to reinforce that stereotype... and that's why sarah palin should never be allowed to drop the puck Saturday night.

Nadine said...

K-Mart: Thank you, especially for that last part. Two things that shouldn't be in hockey: girlie fan wear for women and politicians.

Y'know, the only way to redeem that sitch would be if Buttman showed up in one of the girlie shirts. I'd pay to see that!

Any chance you'll attend a game or two this season? If so, hit me with the deets by email...would love a chance to chat pre-game.

K-Mart said...

I'll try to get one over Christmas break. I'm gonna be home this weekend, but we're canning for THON so I can't go to the game... but yea, if I get tickets, I'll let you know.