Jan 14, 2009

Whole Lotta Stuff

Part the First - Finished games stuff

All good streaks come to an end, it just sucks when that coincides with Cindy Crosby being in town. *Shudder*

In a bit of a confession: I admit to perpetrating a small but significant amount of harassment toward my co-worker Justin about the Leafs game. Seriously, he's a Philly fan in everything but hockey...and he has to pick Toronto for that. *Shrugs*

By now you know that stats just aren't my thing - even just reading them - because they have, um, numbers in them. Well, did I read it wrong yesterday, or do Jeff Carter's 29 goals push him back up to the top of the list again? (My eyes have been a little glazed over lately because of all the sound-editing I've been doing.)

Part the Second - Thank you, Jesus!

Thanks to dropping the game last night, the Flyers are not the division leaders any more, which I think is fantastic. The guys don't have to win the division...let some other team expend itself on that honor. I'll settle for the team squeeking like last year and running deep into the post-season, in the hopes of appropriating some good Philly sports mojo in order to win the FPOW conference.

Part the Third - Best Christmas Presents

Truly, the best present I received over the holidays was two weeks away from here with my family and the dog. We like each other. We can hang out together and not kill everyone.

But if I have to pin down my top three Christmas presents, they are:

1. Tickets to two games! Come and see me and co-worker Justin (assuming his wife lets him out of the house) at these games:
  • Feb. 21 Battle of PA match-up. Section 116.
  • March 14 vs. Rangers. Section 222A.

2. Two Flyers gift cards worth $75! Hello, Fan Gear Store? Yeah, see you February 21 and March 14.

3. Flyers Christmas tree ball! All I can ever find at the stores near me are Eagles and Phils ones. Thanks, Holly, for getting me this...you'll see it at next year's open house.

And for Extra Credit

My request for suggestions on what co-worker Kristin and I should see and do in Montreal in June is - actually - open to people other than the Four Habs Fans. Feel free to leave yours as comments, a tweet, or drop me an email.



K-Mart said...

Psh, you should have gotten tickets for Feb. 14th. That's when all the cool people are going to the game.

Nadine said...

Ha! Hey, it would be fun to go on Valentine's Day.

Now, where did I bury my boyfriend...?

But a Battle of PA game will be so much fun, too!

K-Mart said...

Yea, we didn't think we'd get tickets to that game, so we played it safe and went for the Islanders game. Plus it's like a guaranteed win.