Aug 26, 2009

Annual Jersey Rant

No, Gentle Readers, I'm not PMSing about pink jerseys or wasting your time with the epic failure that is the silver ones.

I'd like to address another issue: size discrimination, petite edition. (My mom calls me Skinny Minnie for a reason, folks. And no, Teka, another burger or two isn't going to do anything...ask co-workers George, Justin, and Brandon.)

Could someone in the NHL merchandising end of things please tell me how I can land a women's XS Flyers jersey?

I checked on the Shop NHL site. According to the size chart, I need an XS. However, I can't order anything smaller than a medium.

Pardon me, but WTF gives?

That, hockey faithful, is my jersey dilemma this season. Not who to get on it - moi, of course - but how to order my size*.

So until hell freezes over or there's a new Miracle on Ice, because depending on your POV that's the same thing, it looks as though the NHL has once again discovered another way to keep from obtaining my money for their coffers...even when I'm more to give it to them.

With equal parts annoyance and plain-old ticked-off,

*Note: I'm exerting some diplomacy here. I didn't spew about the whole sweater vs. jersey thing, or the screen-printed thing.


Ronnybrook said...

Have you considered a Youth Large, or do all of the curves need to be in the right places?

Nadine said...

@Ronnybrook: My Kapanen jersey is a youth XL, which is just a touch short in the sleeves and a little wide in the chest.

It's more that I want the jersey with my name on it to fit me. After all, I'm throwing pads on under it!

crusher said...

I have ordered size S jerseys from River City Sports. I'm 5'6" and 110 lb and S is the closest thing to fitting that I've found -- not TOO big. They are in Canada so the order takes a few weeks to arrive, but at least the jersey is what I want. And, they customize VERY nicely -- stitched on professionally.

K-Mart said...

Just be happy that you need an XS? :-P

I can't imagine that there is a huge need for that size however.