Aug 20, 2009

Be Charitable

Dear Gentle Readers,

Yep, long time, no write. Sorry about that, but my life has a way of getting really crazy over summers.

My activities lately have centered around a crap-load of bad news, including a co-worker's death at the end of June, and my great aunt's death last week.

(That image pretty much sums up how I feel over the last two months.)

You have no idea how ready I am for hockey season to really get here. It's such a lovely distraction and wonderful stress reliever.

In Other Headlines...

This blog hit the Terrible Twos yesterday. That's right, hard as it is to believe, the blog is two years old and I'm working out a way to keep it a lot more current than last season. Hint: Weird guest writers repping *gasp* a male perspective and other teams (oh, no!) may make a few appearances.

Plus, I still haven't ruled out a WordPress relocation.

...And Lastly
If you checked out those old posts, have looked at the sidebar, or read the Twitter feed, you know I'm back to my evil, charity/fundraising ways.

I will participate again in the annual AIDS Walk Philly, to be held on Sunday, October 18. AIDS Walk Philly is not just a challenge I find rewarding personally, but it makes a difference to the more than 30,000 people living with HIV/AIDS in the Philadelphia region.

My goal this year is to raise $600. (Last year, my goal was $500 and I raised almost $600 then.) The money raised by AIDS Walk Philly participants goes to regional charities benefiting children, women, and men living with HIV/AIDS here.

I hope you will consider supporting my fundraising goal for this year's charity walk. You can donate online through my participant's page (click on the widget in the sidebar). Donations do qualify for tax-exemption, at least if you're from the U.S.

As with last year's appeal, if you are unable to make a monetary donation, please make a more significant one: donate your time to an HIV/AIDS-related charity or agency near you.

Hoping you had a good Thursday,
Flyers.Femme -


Ronnybrook said...

I highly recommend Wordpress. Simple interface. Built-in analytics that include referral traffic and search queries, all the bells and whistles...

Blows Blogger away, IMO.

Nadine said...

@Ronnybrook: I have a non-hockey blog on Wordpress, so I know what it's capable of providing. One of these days I'll get off my butt and make a final decision.